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What did Abd'el Hakim Awyan say about Sound Healing?

Abd'el Hakim Awyan was famously featured in the documentary, the Pyramid Code and according to Dr. Carmen Boulter, “The pyramids are sophisticated, harmonic structures, not only mirroring positions of the stars, but designed to replicate harmonic cavities of the human body, it seems that the chambers in the pyramids are harmonically tuned to a specific frequency, or musical tone.

Sound healing techniques were used to restore the patient’s body to the correct harmonic within” and according to Abd'el Hakim Awyan, there was a "hospital" at Saqqara, the necropolis of Memphis, that used sound to heal. He said, "The three chambers we see is what is left of the house of the spirit (Per-Ba), and it is a healing system that utilizes sound with a medical investigation (diagnostic) table."

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