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Mohammad Awyan Archaeoacoustics and Sound Healing


I’ve always been curious about the world and its wonders since I was young. My fascination with the cosmos started when I was just two years old, and the first book I read was about it.

The ancient Kemetic people believed that the Nile represented the Milky Way galaxy, and the temples and pyramids were aligned with different stars and constellations. They also believed that the land had powerful energetic lay lines running underneath it, which allowed them to harness the energy of both the earth and the stars. By doing so, they were able to bring heaven and earth together in perfect harmony.


They used both the left and right hemispheres of their brains to create megalithic marvels, binding the heart and mind together into one, and revering the divine masculine and feminine forces within themselves as well as all of creation.


I believe that we are all reflections of the same light, called back to the source to find truth and answers. It’s like light through a prism, in a multitude of colors, but from the same source. Ancient Kemet was the source of many different people and nations, so I believe that people are being called back to their source to find truth and answers.


I’ve been studying tourism since high school and majored in tourism and hospitality. For more than 7 years, I’ve been working in tourism with family members and renowned leaders. Through academic studies, generational experience, and personal passions, we’ve compiled the complete formula of Egypt.

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