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The Divine Musical Offering: Exploring the Hymn of Hathor in the Sanctuary of the Temple of Dendera

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The Wabet in the Hathor Temple at Dendera is a kiosk fronted by two columns with Hathor heads. During the New Year's Festival the golden statue of the ba (soul) of Hathor was brought here from a crypt below the south wall of the temple, where it was stored during the rest of the year.
Wabet in Hathor Temple

The temple of Dendera in Egypt is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, who was the goddess of music, beauty, fertility, and love. The hymn of Hathor is one of the most famous hymns that was sung in her honor. It is believed that the hymn was composed during the Ptolemaic period, which was around 305 BC to 30 BC.

The hymn of Hathor is a beautiful piece of poetry that praises the goddess for her many virtues. It speaks of her beauty, her wisdom, and her kindness. The hymn also mentions the many temples that were built in her honor, including the temple of Dendera.

The hymn of Hathor is still sung today in many parts of Egypt. It is a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Egypt and the importance of the goddess Hathor in Egyptian mythology. The temple of Dendera, where the hymn was first sung, is still a popular tourist destination for those who want to learn more about the history and culture of Egypt.

The magnificent astrological ceiling tells the story of the cosmos and its part in every day human life
Astronomical Ceiling in the Temple of Hathor


"Adoration to you, the Golden One,

The August and Powerful One in the Sanctuary-of-the-August-One,

The One Who Shines Like Gold in the Temple-of-the-Sistrum,

The Atenet in the Land of Atum!

I adore your majesty with your heart's desire.

I invoke your image with the sacred texts,

I exalt your ka (spirit) to the height of heaven,

I worship your image to the limits of the rays of the aten (sun).

Come in peace, progress in joy,

Your heart is sweetened by hearing prayers,

Hathor the Great, Mistress of Iunet,

The Eye of Ra, Mistress of Heaven,

Sovereign of All the Gods,

The Great Serpent, the Mistress of the Great Sanctuary,

Your beautiful face is satisfied with your beloved son,

The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,

Master of the Two Lands, eternally."

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