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The Real First Pyramid of Giza

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

The middle pyramid of Giza is one of the three major ancient monuments that form the Giza pyramid complex. Few theories suggest that it is the first pyramid to be constructed in Giza.

One argument is based on its location and elevation. It is situated on the highest part of the Giza Plateau and in the center. If the Great Pyramid (belonging to King Khufu) was built first, why would it be on the edge? Although it is not the tallest pyramid, it is the highest because of its position.

Another argument comes from Abdel-Hakim Awyan. He taught us that the Sphinx is the most ancient structure on the Giza Plateau, and since the middle pyramid aligns with the Sphinx he concluded that it was the earliest pyramid to be built.

Dr. Awyan was not alone in thinking that the Sphinx predates the commonly accepted date. According to Dr. Robert Schoch, the Sphinx bears evidence of water erosion that suggests it is much older than the conventional date of 2500 BC. He hypothesizes that the Sphinx was constructed by a pre-dynastic civilization that existed during the last ice age (called the monsoon age in Egypt) around 10,000 BC.

The debate over the origin and purpose of the Middle Pyramid of Giza is ongoing, and it invites us to reconsider our understanding of ancient history.

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